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Welcome to Black Rifle Arms

Black Rifle Arms® is a small family business that was founded by Charles back in 2009.

Charles served in the U.S. Coast Guard during the mid 90's where he had to train and qualify in small arms as part of his duty's station task such as boarding ships and small boats, etc. After he left the service, he moved his family back to their home state of Florida where he has been caring and serving the people of his county as a first responder for over 26 years. Charles and his wife have been devoted to each other for 37 years with 30 of those years being married.

His wife, Teresa, was a stay-at-home mom to their two boys, Charles Knight and Austin. She home-schooled their two boys who are now adults with the oldest son, Charles Knight, receiving his B.S. degree with honors. While Charles Knight was still in college he started his own firearms company, BATTLE READY ARMS. Their youngest son, Austin, graduated top honors with his B.S. degree and has left one of the largest boating industries to work in the aeronautical industry.

    • I am grateful that Charles and I were able to start up a company that we could run and expand as I continued to be a devoted mom of two young teenagers who home-schooled. Our company allowed me to continue to focus on our family and to be there for our children, as my family is my utmost priority to me. As our company continues to expand and my sons are now adults, it has allowed me to devote even more time to the company and, most importantly, to our customers. When our customers have chosen to shop with us, we want to provide them with superb customer service, and we want to make sure when they leave here we have provided them with a positive experience. We are proud of our accomplishments with our company while being devoted to each other and our two boys. Charles and I are both committed to our family, to our business, and to our customers.


New Smyrna Beach, FL. 32168, US
(386) 410-5162

Monday - Friday: 9 AM to 4 PM
Saturday and Sunday: Closed