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Charles B. Cassels, the owner and designer of Black Rifle Arms® products, he has several patented products or patent-pending product(s). These patented products are exclusive to Black Rifle Arms and are limited to certain OEM's for use.

Due to patent laws, those products that have been issued a patent allowance will be listed below with their patent numbers. This page is intended to be served as notice under Patent Law: 35 U.S.Code §287(a) and 35 U.S. Code § 271- Infringement of Patent:
  1. Direct Infringement
  2. Indirect Infringement
  3. Contributory Infringement
  4. Induced Infringement
  5. Willful Infringement
  6. Literal Infringement
  7. Doctrine of Equivalents Infringement
    • If a device does not literally infringe a patent claim, it may still infringe under the Doctrine of Equivalents

Patents Issued: 

  •        TRADEMARK SERIAL NO.: 86509320