Q: Hi, any idea when this spring will be back in stock?

Asked by: Chris Pulley - 4/8/2021
A: I have a couple lying around. If you contact us through our CONTACT US PAGE and provide your name and contact information we can send you over a quote and you can open it and pay for it online.
Answer provided by: Black Rifle Arms Sales Team (4/20/2021)

Q: I currently have a Geiselle G2S and the 7.62x39 enhanced firing pin. Would this hammer spring be stronger than the one from the G2S?

Asked by: tcc13c - 3/22/2021
A: We can only assume Geiselle uses a mil-spec hammer spring so in that case this spring would be stronger. We have not gotten any reports that Geiselle hammer spring having light strikes so if you are having light strikes please give us a call for troubleshooting.
Answer provided by: Black Rifle Arms Sales Team (4/20/2021)

Q: Is the wolf spring stronger or less stronger than the wolf hammer spring. I have a lot of failure to fire issues using the 7.62x39 wolf ammo. I have your enhanced bcg in them as well do not sure whats going on, the ammo thats dimpled good shouldve fired, I can put them in my AK 47 and they fire away no issues. Not sure what the problems are but I run binary triggers and update the spring and Firing pins from BRA, And have a POF Renegade, doesn't seem to matter. The gun was sent to POA, of course like a new car, they never had an issue, funny it fails to fire for me

Asked by: Andrew Truman Case - 3/4/2021
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Q: I use the same lower for multiple uppers. Will this spring cause problems if used with 5.56/.223? Thank you!

Asked by: DR - 11/18/2020
A: No, this spring will run fine in any caliber.
Answer provided by: Administrator (11/19/2020)

Q: Will the Wolff extra power hammer spring fit a remington r 25 r 10 lower trigger assembly? Will it help to fire wolf ammo?

Asked by: Wayne - 6/27/2020
A: It should, but because we are not the manufacture of said product you might ask Wolff for clarification as they have the R&D behind their springs: https://www.gunsprings.com/
Answer provided by: Administrator (6/29/2020)

Q: Why can’t these be used with full auto or burst fire? Can they be used with a franklin arms binary? Guess I will find out... these hammer springs were the only thing that made my 762 39 ar reliable so I used it on the hammer on my binary.

Asked by: Podesta art - 6/20/2020
A: Good day. This disclaimer comes from Wolff Gunsprings and our guess would be it puts too much stress on the auto sear due to the strength of the XP Hammer spring.
Answer provided by: Administrator (6/21/2020)

Q: Will this fit my Windham Weaponry src in 7.62x39?

Asked by: Brian - 3/26/2019
A: Yes you should have no problems with fitment. This spring will fit any mil-spec AR-15 Lower.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/28/2019)

Q: Will this help with 7.62x39 hard primers in an AR along with the enhanced firing pin?

Asked by: Lorenzo Mata - 3/8/2019
A: Yes it will; however most of the time all one needs is just the enhanced firing pin, but many want the Wolff as "insurance" but we always say you can test without the Wolff XP Hammer Spring if you have the enhanced firing pin, many times the enhanced firing pin fixes the light primer strike issues.
Answer provided by: Administrator (3/8/2019)

Q: will this fit an AR-15 chambered in a 7.62x39? I'm attempting to shoot tula ammo but it's not hitting hard enough to set the primer off.

Asked by: joey - 2/13/2018
A: This firearm part is for the AR-15 platform including the 7.62x39 AR-15. What's more important than the Wolff XP Hammer Spring to set off hard primers of x39 ammunition is an Enhanced Firing Pin which allows for further protrusion to set off the harder primers of the x39 ammunition.
Answer provided by: Administrator (2/14/2018)

Q: What's the reason for not recommending this for burst fire? Is there a reason it wouldn't work with a Slidefire stock?

Asked by: Jeff - 1/16/2017
A: That is Wolff''s disclaimer/recommendation, not ours. You will need to contact Wolff Springs about their recommendation on this spring: https://www.gunsprings.com/index.php?page=items&cID=2&mID=1&dID=79#491
Answer provided by: Administrator (1/16/2017)

Q: Do you have the 3 pack of these? Thanks,

Asked by: Don - 12/12/2016
A: We buy these springs in bulk from Wolff and then separate them out. We don't have 3 packs currently, but I'll look into getting them up today for sale in 3 packs and 10 packs. Thanks for the tip.
Answer provided by: Administrator (12/13/2016)

Q: Hey guys, just received my parts, I Odered a wolf extra power hammer spring and on the package the spring is in it says only use for colt ar15,m16,m4, and car15 I don't have a colt at-15, I have a dpms is this a universal spring or can I still use it ? I've built a 7.62x39 with an ar15 lower ...... Thanks for the super fast shipping by the way

Asked by: Anthony cordero - 10/24/2016
A: Yes this spring will work with your DPMS as Colt and DPMS are made to the mil-spec standard.
Answer provided by: Administrator (10/24/2016)