Black Rifle Arms has a Limited Lifetime Warranty on our gas piston system and bolt carriers against manufacturing defects.

Modification(s) or alterations to any part of Black Rifle Arms uppers, bolt carriers, including but not limited to Black Rifle Arms Piston Systems will VOID Warranty and will be non-refundable, nor replaced. For Uppers you will be responsible for shipping your upper back for any repairs and repair cost plus return shipment is the responsibility of the customer. 

Removing Black Rifle Arms gas piston system voids our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Reinstalling Black Rifle Arms gas piston system voids our Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Damage due to corrosion, neglect and/or misuse voids warranty, and will be non-refundable, nor replaced. You will be responsible for shipping your upper back for any repairs, and repair cost and return shipment is the responsibility of the customer. 

Damage due to high velocity, high pressure, reloaded ammunition, non-standard ammunition is not covered by our Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Stripped Upper has a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects. 

Small Firearm Parts have a 6-month warranty as they are known to fail at some point. Some examples, but not limited too: Bolt Assemblies and Bolt Assembly Small Parts, Firing Pins, Firing Pin Retaining Pins, Charging Handles, Various Firearm Springs, etc. 

The calibers 6.5 Grendel or 7.62x39 bolt assemblies or extractors have a limited 2 month warranty except where noted below due to known issues with certain ammunition and barrel extensions. Due to these calibers bolt face/extractor designs they have a much higher failure rate than other calibers due to the bolt face dimensions and thickness of said bolt assemblies/extractors. Other factors also cause premature failures such as overgassing, using Tula or Red Army Ammunition, barrel extensions with a large single feed ramp with no middle lug, chambers that are tight and sticking due to being out of spec for not cleaning it properly. If you are having premature failures on bolt assemblies on these two calibers at a low round count it is most likely due to to one of the issues or multiply issues mentioned above.

  • Tula Ammunition and Red Army are extremely hard on 7.62x39 bolt assemblies and extractors. We have tested these particular brands on many occasions and have found that cartridges tend to get stuck and/or casings do not shrink properly which causes undue stress on the extractors and the bolt lug next to the extractor. This will contribute to premature failures of these parts. 
  • Overgassing! Overgassing is another issue we see most common in premature bolt assemblies and extractor failures. We recommend shooting through a chronograph to get proper cyclic rates. If you are overgassed then to slow down the bolt carrier you can use a heavier buffer such as an H2 to get proper cyclic rates which allows for the casing to shrink further before extraction takes place thus reducing the stress of the bolt assembly and/or extractor.
  • Barrel Extensions with a large wide single feed ramp with no middle lug does not support the bolt assembly properly.

Black Rifle Arms is not liable for damages, injury, death, etc from misuse, neglect, improper installation, modification(s), or consequential damages and will not be covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty. 

Black Rifle Arms is not liable for loss of time or use of product(s), and failure to work. If Black Rifle Arms determines that parts under warranty are not repairable they may be replaced by new or reconditioned parts. 

WE DO NOT COVER OTHER MANUFACTURES WARRANTIES: Manufacturers of other parts are liable for parts under their warranty. Please contact them for repair or replacement according to their Lifetime or Limited Warranty. If you need help in determining their warranty you may contact the manufacturer directly or call us and we will try to assist.