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An In-depth Look Video of Black Rifle Arms Carrier Tilt Solution

*Piston Carrier not for sale for other manufactures piston systems due to compatibility issues!*


We chose one of the toughest polymer's available for our carrier buffer technology application. The polymer we chose has outstanding abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction, self-lubricating, chemical and stress cracking resistance, and another key characteristic is impact strength. The polymer is extremely tough product that is used for applications that require durability, high impact and/or abrasive wear resistance. We have been running this carrier since 2009 with no damage to the integrated polymer buffer, nor have we ever had to replace the integrated buffer on any of our customers carriers. Carrier Buffer Technology is a patented product that is EXCLUSIVE to Black Rifle Arms.


Carrier tilt is a matter of physics; every action has an opposite and equal reaction. When the op-rod of any piston system impinges upon the carrier lug it does so off axis causing the carrier to be thrust upwards into the upper receiver at the forward end and thrust downward at the carrier’s rear. These forces transferred directly into the upper receiver and receiver extension resulting in accelerated wear noted most prominently on the receiver extension. While others have better mitigated carrier tilt, we have solved it with our buffer technology. 


The bolt carrier buffer supports the carrier inside the upper receiver better managing carrier tilt, while serving as a wear buffer to protect the upper receiver, receiver extension, and buffer from wear. The bolt carrier buffer is slightly enlarged to better support the carrier inside the upper receiver serving as an alignment tool to keep the bolt and carrier inline with the barrel extension preventing torque on the bolt head. The integrated buffer further guides the bolt carrier within the receiver extension supporting the bolt carrier like a tubular rail type system, without metal on metal contact. Because of the physical properties of the buffer material it is self lubricating, shock absorbing, and has seven times the abrasion resistance of carbon steel. In addition, the polymer type buffer material eliminates contact between the hardened steel carrier, aluminum receiver extension and buffer; furthermore, the shooter will experience a reduction in felt recoil and vibration.