Almost daily we get a request to donate to charitable events or promotions and we feel the need to address it.

We do not contribute to any charitable events and most of the time do not offer our products for promotional contributions either. The request for donations to charitable events etc has become overwhelming with the request for such events that we are putting into policy, effective immediately, that we will not offer products for others to auction off and/or raffle off for a charitable event. 

Due to the volume of request, it's not advantageous for us to pick and choose organizations and/or individuals and because we have no control if the products will make it to the charitable event where it will go to good use for a good cause. We have seen too many organizations or individuals who are using this avenue of "charitable donations" to take advantage of those in the firearms industry and we have no control if somebody is truly using the funds as should for a charity they are supposedly representing. 

 In this day in age of charitable contributions website, we feel this is the best avenue for those seeking funds that best suits that organization and/or individual(s).