Black Rifle Arms .308 Piston Uppers vs .308 Piston Conversion
As of late, we have received a tremendous amount of inquiries relating to a .308 gas piston conversion, so we feel the need to address this topic as to why we will not be offering .308 piston conversions. 

We tested a drop in .308 piston conversions; however, while things seemed to be working flawlessly for several months we discovered a potential flaw about 10 months into testing. Due to our stringent testing of new piston systems under extreme circumstances for approximately a year, it helps us to determine issues, flaws and helps us to see where we can improve upon the prototype. 

The issue we noticed will not be discussed as we feel the need for others in this industry to test their own systems for potential failures and let them do their own legwork; therefore, we rather not discuss what we found. Because of this potential issue in a drop in .308 piston conversion, we decided to only move forward with complete .308 piston uppers, as we want to only produce products we would trust our lives with and know there will never be a potential issue down the road with our customers.

During this time Charles went back to his machines and machined a larger component for the piston system and put it back to testing; after several years of testing, we can absolutely say without a doubt it's flawless.

Due to the forces of this caliber, we do not trust a .308 drop-in gas piston conversion and will never offer a conversion in this caliber. Also, we get inquiries asking if we would modify an end user .308 upper receivers to accept our .308 gas piston system, and the short answer is no. Due to liability, we will not modify any end user .308 uppers for use with our .308 gas piston system.

The other question we get is, "Are we going to incorporate our buffer technology into the .308 piston system?" The answer is, "YES, without a doubt!"